Once upon a time there was Marnothérapie®…

marnotherapieThe Champagne method of well-being that has been jealously safeguarded for decades, capable of generating intense emotion and wetting the appetites of eany visiting Marne. If you whish to discover its secrets and enjoy the beneficial effects of its relaxing formula, hurry up and book your holidays in the Marne now because Marnothérapie® ensures you a wonderful time.

In addition to being a method, Marnothérapie® is a state of mind shared by over 110 labelised professionnals that have pledged to do their most for you to spend fulfilling holidays! Just show your personalised membership card to enjoy exclusive benefits by all the Marnothérapie® professionnals, which have linked up to enable you to experience some unforgettable moments.

A few days of exploring our department will be enough for you to recharge your batteries, relax and experience our vision of well-being.

Marne offers a fun-packed programme you can vary depending on what you're in the mood for: "tone up your cells", "let your joy explode", "tickle your tastebuds" and "dream in colour" are experiences you can enjoy by becoming acquainted with the fabulous sites and people that make up this area.

If well-being is your destination, plan your holidays in the Marne and say "yes" to Marnothérapie® upon your arrival.